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Joe Langlois


A man made of decaying bones and brains, just trying to make it to Friday. Joe discovered the cathartic joy of podcasting back in 2017 and has continued to relish the station of Podcast Host these four years since. From games to movies and now music, he refuses to stop airing his questionable stances on media across the internet. He’s also gotten plenty of experience as an Audio Editor/Squeaky Chair Silencer and has recently begun work as a Voice Actor.
Joe values creativity above most things and is endlessly grateful for the outlets and opportunities he has been afforded. However, he is even more grateful for all the friendships he’s forged along the way.


If you want to give Joe a little dose of dopamine, toss him a follow on Twitter @The_Joseppi. And if you want to offer him a voice role in your upcoming project, send him a message on that very same website.



Amy Terry


Amy is a story artist, character designer, illustrator, and overall swag master. They are also an audio and video editor, music composer, and writer. Amy loves exploring and making art regarding mental health and introspection. They strive to create and support media that encourages vulnerability and self love.


Amy likes to stream, game, draw, and love their kitty in their free time.

They are also really cool and sexy.

They are currently available for work.




Jupiter Achlys


Jupiter Morningstar

She/Her, Fae/Faer/Fear

Jupiter is a Podcast Host, Streamer, Audio Editor, Writer, Graphic Designer, and occasional Digital Artist and Musician. Fae has been working in podcasts since 2018 and has been growing faer skills ever since. Former edgelord, current goth. She loves to joke around and laugh more than almost anything else in the world. Horror, however, runs in her blood and is her greatest passion. Fae is an Autistic, Trans, Asexual, Latina Lesbian and proud. Absolute demon from hell.

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