That's right, our very first Patreon Event is happening now! We have existed as Mushroom Station for close to 8 months now and the support from our audience has been truly incredible. We wanted to say thank you to all of our current Patrons and to open the door to new Patrons to join in! We also wanted to thank everyone who listens to our shows whether or not they are able to support us financially, this Network would truly not exist without all of you. Last year was a somewhat messy time for our shows, but when we started Mushroom Station we promised stability and growth and this event is the first big step towards growing into the Network we want to be.

- Special Episodes -

But what even is the Toadstool Express? Toadstool Express is a week-long event running from June 15th to June 22nd, starting today! During this even we be publishing special episodes of ARTIFICIAL GHOST RADIO and Enchanting Aspects with help from our current Patrons! These episodes have already been recorded and will be available for everyone as thanks for listening to our shows. ARTGHOST's special episode will have Jupiter and Joe reacting to Patron-suggested songs after listening to them for the first time (spoiler, they were all really good!). The special Enchanting Aspects episode will have Amy and Jupiter talking about their favorite Pokémon and the favorite Pokémon of a few of our current Patrons! Both of these episodes turned out really fun and we hope you are excited to listen to them. ARTGHOST will be releasing it's episode today on the 15th and Enchanting Aspects will close out the event with it's episode on the 22nd.

- Mushroom Soup -

Additionally, Mushroom Station will be releasing a brand new timed Patreon-exclusive podcast called Mushroom Soup!

The Cover Art for Mushroom Soup
Mushroom Soup Cover Art, designed by Amy Terry

Mushroom Soup is an alternate dimensional podcast where each episode we will gaze into various alternate worlds where well-known podcasts were never made and instead very similar podcasts were created by us instead. The first episode shows an alternate dimension where the podcast Hey Riddle Riddle never existed and instead a show called "Hey Mushroom Mushroom" has been running for years hosted by Joe Langlois, Amy Terry, and Jupiter Morningstar.

You can find the first episode on our Patreon now! Don't worry if you can't support us financially though, like all Patreon-exclusive content we will ever make, all episodes of Mushroom Soup will eventually be made listenable for free (public release date TBD).

New episodes of Mushroom Soup will release quarterly, coinciding with every Toadstool Express Event.

- Check out our Patreon! -

Our goal with this event is for us to gain 10 new Patreon Subscribers by June 22nd! If you can afford it, we hope you will become one of them! We want to grow and expand this Network to be a full time job not only for us but for everyone we eventually bring into the fold and your financial support brings up one step closer to that becoming a reality.

As part of the event, we have updated our Patreon! One of the two big changes is to our $5 "Toadstool Supporter" tier. This tier has always been slightly neglected and we wanted to offer a little more to thank these wonderful Patrons. From this point onward Toadstool Supporters will get exclusive behind-the-scenes previews to upcoming Mushroom Station content including seeing works-in-progress!

The second big change is we have implemented a new Patron Goal over there! When we reach $200/month we will be able to expand our the network with a brand new show and bringing brand new creators into the fold as full members of the network! At Mushroom Station we have an internal policy to always pay all of our team members an equal split of all Mushroom Station funds and while $200/month split six ways isn't going to pay the bills for anyone it will make it so everyone is getting a fair share of the profits. We have been cautious about promising network expansion because we always want every decision to be equitable to all of our artists but after a lot of discussion we decided it's time! We hope that we can reach this goal and expand our network before we hit our year-anniversary and we hope you will help us out with that goal!

Go check out our Patreon now!

- Final Note -

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far in any way, whether that be financial over on Patreon or by listening, sharing our shows, writing reviews, or hanging out in our Discord! We are so excited for the future of this Network and we hope that you are too! Enjoy Toadstool Express!

Also for those wondering what happened to Ghost Hunt Pacific, don't worry! GHP will be back starting shortly after the event is over. I was fighting a mental health battle for a while, which I have now won, and had to put the show on the back-burner but now I am ready to bring it back full force! So look forward to new episodes soon!

That's all for now! Thank you all so much!